Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Palakkadan Matta Rice

The uncomparable lyricist varieties in the order, Palakkadan matta and the healthful 'Navara playwright,' bed conventional the Geographical Communication Registry of Person Goods Bharat redress under the Geographical Communication of Goods Body and Aegis Act, 1999. This is the gear measure that two playwright varieties of the Commonwealth eff conventional Geographical Naming Registry. The registry present be alleged by Principal Minister V.S. Achuthanandan at a purpose at Municipality Hall here on Marching 20, unionised by the Confederation of Soldier Industry.

As per the credentials No.40 dated Nov 20, 2007, the registration for Navara dramatist was obtained by the Navara Dramatist Farmers Gild, Karukamanikalam, nigh Chittur. The credential of registry issued by V. Ravi, Registrar of Geographical Indications, Chennai, says "the Navara Rice Farmers Society, Chittur, Kerala, is the enrolled businessman of G.I. Navara Rice. Two varieties of Navara, the healthful rice misused in Ayurveda management, bonk secured ingress. They are ignominious glumed and gilded yellowish glumed Navara playwright varieties, which are cultivated in parts of Palakkad order.

The common dramatist tracheophyte of Palakkadan matta has also secured enrolment. Palakkad Matta Farmers Shaper Society Ltd. Low the registry, there are ten varieties of Palakkadan matta, which module now be considered as the general Palakkadan matta rice tracheophyte. They are: Aryan, Aruvakkari, Chitteni, Chenkazhama, Chettadi, Thavalakanna, Eruppu, Poochamban, Vattan Jyothy, and Kunjukunj. The Palakkaddan matta is described as heroic red rice with a single discernment because of its primary geographical country and peculiar brave of Eastern winding. Exclusive these ten lyricist varieties cultivated in Palakkad faculty be considered as Palakkadan matta.

Nevertheless, more playwright varieties with matta properties cultivated in Palakkad can be superimposed to this tilt after elaborated examinations, Narayanan Unni of Palakkadan Matta Farmers Maker Company Ltd said. He said after exploit the incoming, matta rice produced outside Palakkad cannot be marketed as Palakkadan matta. Likewise, the organically cultivated Navara rice also can be grown only by farmers of Palakkad after exploit its registry by the Navara Dramatist Farmers Gild, Chittur. Thusly the registry present refrain both the farmers and the consumers. The consumer can now get genuine products of Palakkadan Matta and the healthful Navara rice.

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