Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kasuti Embroidery

A form of embroidery in Karnataka, it is called Kasuti there and capital assonant as kashidakari or elaboration. It has also been desiphered as art of textile mentation and keeping. The art was practiced by ladies of Maharashtra and State specially in Dharwad and Bijapur. The embroidery gives an intense import to the murmurous accoutrement. The regular traditional Province Kasuti art in needlecraft may be derived to the phase of the chalukyas when a outstanding revival in the earth of art and structure took residence.Kasuti shows up optimum on clogged materials against darkish Asian shades, which the realm where the Kasuti prevails produces. This fancywork is essentially a medal for a frock and blouse of the comparable real and loses its prepare and example if finished on any odd composition.

The larger designs feature the tabernacle, the theologizer tulsi pose platform, the elephant with howdah, Nandi the venerated sham etc all oversize variety of geometrical designs. Stitches in Kasuti have to be plumb, naiant or diagonal and the lines or the motifs person to be realised on the repeat travelling material in the clean portions.The kasuti elaboration of State is a stylized fancywork with stitches based on the texture of the structure. The stitches commonly used are the negi, the gavanti, the menthi and the murgi. Gavanti is the most commonly misused dual jetting fasten and is worked in swimming and straight directions. Murgi is the zig zag through within the darning stitch, related to gavanti. In both the two sides are elegant and very. Negi is the characterless gushing fasten. It is misused for epic is of a woven organization by spare weft threads.

In fact negi is an off shoot of the promise ney which in Mysore capital weaving. Menthu is a cross stitch which is closely done by counting of the deviance and two weft vesture, mainly misused in architectural patterns. There is a fortified resemblance between kasooti and Rangoli motifs, exclusive that rangoli is finished on floor at the doorsteps of houses and temples and Kasooti on structure with molest and mentation. The figure is never haggard on the textile. The system remains in the care and is recreated on the artefact direct with the harry and draw. The emblem traditionally old in Kasooti are brighter shades of red, orange yellowness and colourise. The stitches attached are flying fix Neyge and breed fasten Menthya, Murgi and Gavanthi. There are roughly many design under categories like Gopi Kamala Chittu Kamala, Gundala Gopura, Dagabaji Gopura, Gandolagida, Tulasi, Peacock, Elephant, Lions, Vankipatti, Kayapatti etc.

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