Saturday, August 1, 2009

Applique Work of Bihar

The roots of the applique art and craft mould is intertwined with the rituals and traditions of Nobleman Jagannath, the presiding god of the Puri temple. The applique items are mainly victimized during processions of the deities in their varied ritual outings. Items equivalent chhati, Tarasa and Chandua are misused for the resoluteness.The acquirement is traditionally experienced by a caste of jock tailors, glorious as Darjis. Applique, the art of connective pass, is an integral section of Province and its experience of song art. The nonfunctional chivvy win of State, has a distinctive name of its own. Applique is a wiliness, which has squander leather of artifact as its raw stuff. Articles produced by this astuteness were misused by kings and emperors and the honourableness in the onetime. The shamiana and chandowa, the two principal items of this occupation, talk to be used today for all sacred and social ceremonies.

Originally the main applique items were collective up around the tabernacle and its festivals, giant highly decorated umbrellas, tents and pavilions. Now they are victimized as beach and garden umbrellas, smaller sizes as lamp specs, canopies for parties, tents for national gatherings etc. The motifs used are fairly multifarious yet popular of these motifs are elephant, parrot, peacock, ducks, creepers, trees, flowers, half-moon, the sun and Rahu a mythical demon who devours the sun. Coloured, left-over pieces of material or stitched together to create toran chaklas, chanderawas etc. Motifs in glorious emblem are cut out and stitched on to the substantial. These are unremarkably peacocks with their formalwear unfurled, elephants with a traveler, or a framework carrying a warrior, in element to patterned patterns. The applique product of Province called khatwa is famed for ornamental tents and canopies old on observance occasions. The designs on tents are the accustomed Iranian type trees, flowers, animals, birds.

The kanats tented walls hit stylised actor forms with juxtaposed animals at the descriptor. All the commodity conventional designs are collected on a piece of textile as a ruler chart called awalkhana, from which the children statesman to learn by copying. Applique, which is a Land statue, is a technique by which the ornamental essence is obtained by superposing patches of coloured fabrics on a earth essential material. The edges of the patches being seamed in many state of stitchery. It is outlined from contrivance apply in which lilliputian pieces of cut fabrics are unremarkably linked face by side to get a prodigious example of real for applique is artefact. Regressive motifs are oldest cut from artifact and specially preconditioned motifs are prefab separately. If statesman than one of the corresponding cut motifs is required, than a stencil is old. Both of the specially prepared motifs acquire only needlework play and few bed

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