Friday, June 26, 2009

Personalised Number Plates

It is one of the best number plate registrations companies in our country. There are one thousand hand picked registration numbers on offer , all with reserve prices, below which they will not be sold. Northumbrian numbers pride themselves on giving the best service in the cherished numbers business. We have supplied thousands of private number plates to thousands of happy customers over the last decade. We can offer sellers the opportunity to sell their number on our website on a no sale, no fee commission basis. Upon a successful sale we will handle all paperwork for the transfer and return to you the agreed sum.

Many of the registrations are included in the sale at the request of members of the motoring public and as such will probably mean little to anyone but them. There are however a good number that are just known popular combinations of letters such as given by our company. We should give
Personalised Number Plates for our valuable customer. The third sealed bid sale of personalized number plates is currently in progress on our Website. This is only the third fixed bid sale ever held by the agency, they do however hold a regular series of normal auction throughout the year at various venues around the country.

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