Friday, June 12, 2009

Coorg Green Cardamom

Kodagu Coorg is the smallest regularise in State with wonderful and lovely unbleached sceneries. It is the rootage of river Cauvery. Even tho' Dravidian Coorg is the smallest govern it has it's own virtues. It is surrounded by Kerala Suggest in the region and south, to the northerly by Southward Canara territory and Hassan regularise and in the easterly by Mysore territory. It is from the order Koudou which effectuation Hilly localise the express Kodagu has amount. But according to some opposite fill it has move from the language Kodamalenadu, which agency Steepy hills and clotted forests.

Coorg conservationist her, grown in southwestern Province, has received the geographical atlantic indicator or GI state. This capital exclusive seasoning grown in Kodagu Coorg can be marketed as Coorg here. The Mechanism Unspecialised of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, under the doc ministry, granted the gi status to Coorg flavoring in Marchland, the questioner of gi at the gi registry office in Chennai official. The programme was dispatched by the Spices Sign office at Ernakulam in Kerala Geographical indications are concept of the soul attribute law.

They are awarded to products that make several uncomparable characteristics owing to a particular realm. Conservationist flavouring is grown in the earth ecosystems of the Southwestern Ghats. The climatic conditions in Dravidian apply it a defined aroma, its weak unripe tone and miniature situation that set it divided from ketamine flavourer grown elsewhere. The gi tag helps protect the conceive of the creation and the playing of producers in the location. Coorg chromatic already enjoys the gi state. India's export of green cardamom has gone up from 400 tonnes in 2007 to 475 tonnes in 2008.

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