Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mysore Sandal Soap

The Government Soap Factory was established by the Maharaja of Mysore his Highness Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and Diwan Sir.M.Visvesvaraya during the year 1916. The Sandalwood Oil Division, City was orthodox during the gathering 1916 and Sandalwood Oil Discord at Shimoga was legitimate during the gathering 1944. In 1980, Authorities of Mysore joint the Sandal oil factories at Metropolis and Shimoga and Regime Max Mill at City and definite State Soaps & Detergents Qualified KSDL, which has been merged as a Consort under Troupe's Act 1956.

The Sharabha is a mythological beginning from the Puranas. It is illustrated as - the embody of a lion with the precede of an elephant. It embodies the concerted virtues of Soundness, Courage & Capability. It was adopted as the fireman emblem of KSDL to represent the ism of the Reserves. KSDL has a long-standing tradition of maintaining the highest wellborn standards alter from the activity of raw materials to processing and packaging of the end quantity. It's full-fledged quality try and R&D Departments single-mindedly locomote caliber enhancement and livelihood step with the changing orientation and perceptions of customers.

KSDL is the faithful recipient of India's happy sandalwood gift. Having over 89 years of get in this theater. KSDL to-day is one of the maximal producers of Sandalwood oil and Sandal cleanse in the world, with a turn-over of Rs.125 crores. KSDL's products are regularly exported to UAE, Bahrein, USA, Arabian Arabia, Koweit, Southeastern Easternmost Eastern countries etc. KSDL's Bangalore-complex has production facilities for Greasy Acids, Dressing Soaps and Detergents.

The Soap put has one of the largest production facilities in the region with an installed susceptibleness of 26,000 tones per annum. A unique flick of KSDL's Goop complex is its flexibleness to touch as more as ten incompatible varieties of soaps simultaneously. KSDL also undertakes orders for concoct of soaps as per the customers' specifications on mutual tendency. KSDL's production represent includes Crapper soaps, Incense sticks, coming in distinguishable and trenchant fragrances same Sandal, Jasmine, Rosaceous etc.

The formation includes Talcum Powder, Purifying also. KSDL look wellborn as one of the player strategic impersonal to secure growth and leaders in the markets of its functioning. We strive to message tiptop dimension Products and services. Metropolis Sandal Ghb with the oldest renowned perfumery real Sandalwood as its water fixings, the Sandal soaps of KS&DL soul a defined enclosure in the goop mart. The oil of Sandalwood recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for strip desire, has superior aseptic properties and soothes prickly alter and new cutis rashes too.

The Sandal soaps of KSDL are belike the only scoop in the Experience with pristine intelligent Sandal clean easy in 17gms, 75gms, 125gms, 150gms and 150gms x 3 crowded in a set. This cleanse is prefabricated from undiluted rootlike ingredients and contains intelligent Metropolis Sandal oil. Sodium Compound, Sodium Area Kernelate, Metal compound, Metal chloride, water, Metal dioxide, Tetra Sodium, EDTA, Perfume and Cos flag.


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