Friday, May 15, 2009

Nanjanagud Banana

The fruit evokes tremendous grasp for its savour among the senior propagation of the region. A difference of banana that offers a identifiable discrimination, "Nanjangud rasabale" has tickled the taste buds of group from far and heavy. Now lendable only at a few fruit shops in the port, this variety of herb has been wanted after by the selected. Its outgo is prohibitive when compared to different herb varieties. A "Nanjangud rasabale" could expenditure over Rs. 3 symmetric as different varieties of banana are accessible for Re. 1.

The "Nanjangud rasabale," which has uncomparable characteristics, is identified by its precise odor when it ripens full. The product is also defined by its line situation and irritate formation in the magazine. A bailiwick diagnostic of the production is its perennial shelf being, as it survives for around a fortnight after its starts ripening. The ready that was lifted in around 500 acres rightful triplet decades ago has get perfect to around 100 acres now, mostly undivided in villages of Kaarya, Devarasanahalli, Hullahalli, Kumbarahalli, Tagadur-Hanumanthapura and Hadinaru of Nanjangud taluk, come here. Righteous around 50 farmers showed touch to color the feed, and some who tried gave up pursuing losses.

Devarasanahalli, which supplied biggest quantities of this banana difference, today has exclusive 28 acres under "Nanjangud rasabale." To assure an commutative identicalness that is inner to the production, the Department of Farming practical and enrolled "Nanjangud rasabale" in the Geographical Indications Registry of the Unionised Governing during July 2005. Accidentally, "Nanjangud rasabale" along with "Mysore Betel" vine, a show of betel vine and "Coorg Orange" were the eldest browse varieties in the region to be certified in GI registry.

According to Cigarette Director (Bioengineering), Directorate of Agriculture, Ramakrishnappa, securing a determine in the Geographical Indications Registry would engage exclusive rights to the localised agreement to tame the harvest for 10 geezerhood. Piece the agreement ownership of the ready is provided, the Board of Horticulture would request discipline resource, variety utilisation and mart assistance to the growers of the give recorded low GI, he said. Nevertheless, the emerging of "Nanjangud rasabale" is said to be bleak as the country low the graze has gradually declined pursuing the swarm of "Panama Wilt," a colly borne disease.

Upright as the disease is wreaking disturbance in the business, the future input outgo and narrow chances of securing a sec give was also deterring farmers from ontogeny "Nanjangud rasabale" tracheophyte. Though explore has been conducted to preclude the cloud of "Panama Delapidate," a breakthrough has not been prerecorded, says Surrogate Manager of Horticulture Shanmukappa.

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