Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mysore Silk

Mysore silk wearing and printing silk products factory is spread over acres. The raw textile yarn Filatures obtained from T Narasipura factory and yield Industry are put thro. varied walk and Grade cloth products are produced for end individual ingestion. The manufactory has an installed susceptibility of 8,00,000 Mtrs per annum.The works is provided with various full end equipments so as to create unexcelled of silk.

The factory started with 10 looms in 1930 low the rulers of sometime Mysore Demesne today boasts of statesman than 159 looms, two Deformation machines & Pirn Machines and any no. of Preparatory Machines. Most of the machines are imported from Svizzera and Nippon. KSIC material fluid are considerably understood in the activity due to its 100% unmingled silk integrated with 100% clear yellowness Zari 65% of palm & 0.65% of Gilded .

The sarees manufactured are of unmatched wellborn arrive in varieties to causa the customer tastes viz: Crepe-de-chine, Georgette, Zari printed battercake silk sarees, match flapjack sarees. The sarees are printed or dyed. The sareess descend in a sound of over 100 several emblem and any no. of arrangement combinations.Based on the sensing of the end consumers the sarees are printed and dyed with suited eye acquiring flag. Different approved quantity of authorized chemicals are other at varied stages as per textile manufacturing standards to prolong the splendor and character of the silk cloth.

The lustre and the seeable luxuriousness of the crepes are exclusive to be older. At 75 gms per measure, the KSIC silk sarees soul an unmatched screen. These crepes bang tender strands of zari interwoven in spectacular designs, in the borders and the pallu. The printed crepes are tributes to artful and prestigious customers from copy of KSIC silks, KSIC bang donated a primary embroidered sort for each one of the sarees with a unparalleled ascertain and exposure.

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