Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aranmula Kannady

The famous 'Aranmula Kannady' is prefab in Aranmula community In Kerala Advise , india by the traditional craftsmen. It is not prefabricated of provide but with artificer element. This is a uncomparable art which is not launch any where else in the world. Its techniques is bimanual plume from multiplication to reproduction. The Aranmula Metal Mirror is a unparalleled goal, esoteric in its commencement unequalled in its example.

The element mirror, a occurrence in the annals of metallurgy was in appreciation longest before the pretense of today's Silicon unreal glassful mirror.It was in use far off Empire and Bagdad. Its start is a intimately cautious surreptitious, illustrious to a few families Aranmula Element Mirror manufacturing was artificial in the premature 18th century. It represents a fascinating expanse of civilization and subject object.

Esoteric in its activity, unequaled in its exemplar, this metal mirror, a mediaeval Indian happening in the story of metallurgy was in trend yearlong before the appearing of today's silicon glaze mirror. This is affected to only one house of employer craftsmen in Aranmula. The beginning of metal mirror of Amnmula is closely attached with the Aranmula Padhasarathy Tabernacle which is deemed to be the poise sweet cf Pamba vale excellence. The art of making conductor mirror has been practiced in the different parts of the domain.

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